Airbag protectors: EN 1621-4 will be soon harmonised

Jul 16, 2018 | Motorcycling

After years of “bureaucratic immobility” the standard EN 1621-4:2013 for mechanically triggered inflatable protectors for motorcyclist is finally going to become officially harmonised.

Up to now the publication of the standard in the “Official Journal of the EU” had been obstacled by a “formal objection” opposing to some technical aspects partly regarding methods (measurement of the inflation by high speed cameras) as well as requirements (“kerbstone” requirement too severe).

The European Commission has now accepted the arguments of WG9 (the competent CEN commission chaired by RICOTEST) and has rejected the “formal objection”, thus granting the standard EN 1621-4 “presumption of conformity” with the basic health and safety requirements of the PPE Regulation and qualifying it as a base for the assessment and Certification of inflated protectors as PPE.

This decision puts finally an end on a long period of marketplace imbalance and inaccurate information about the safety level of airbag protectors certified in accordance with EN 1621-4 which actually had already been approved by CEN and transposed by national institutes of standardization. Just to complete the information, it should be known that in the meantime WG9 has already started to revise EN 1621-4, aiming to update it to the latest state of the art.


You can find here the European Commission official communication.

Ricotest Certification Dept.

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