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Jan 3, 2019 | Motorcycling

Last November, the harmonization procedure of prEN17092 suffered a slowdown: parts 2 to 6 of the standard surprisingly received a negative assessment from the new “HAS consultant” (HAS= HArmonized Standard). The news has destabilized in some cases the market, mostly due to the way it was communicated by some stakeholders.

At first, the arguments sustained by the HAS consultant – Mr. Adam Poscik – did not appear to us to be so important as to suspend the normative process; we then realized that these arguments had been developed under particular circumstances. First of all, HAS consultant, had not yet been presented to the CEN TC162/WG9, the working group that developed the standard over the last few years. Secondly, he was unaware of the particular situation interesting the motorcycling industry and of the implications of the new Regulation 425 in a field where the use of PPE is mainly voluntary. Thirdly, he did not know of the evaluation made by the previous CEN consultant, Mr. José Bahima, during the public inquiry period and, more importantly, of the background related to the negative experience of the “old” EN 13595-1. Lastly, the evaluation of parts 2 to 6 (requirements) was made without having read the text of part 1 (test methods) first.

The Convener of the WG9, consequently sent two official letters at various levels of the EU Commission and CEN, which fortunately provoked a rapid reaction that led to a meeting with the HAS Consultant and other five WG9 experts. The meeting took place in Nuremberg, Germany, on 4th December, and proved to be very positive.

The HAS consultant seems to have understood the arguments of the WG9 and has agreed with the proposed solutions. The reservations against prEN17092 indicated in his “negative assessment” might therefore be largely eliminated. By the end of the year, little changes will be made to the text of prEN17092, so that, once the HAS Consultant has made his evaluation of the new one – an evaluation, that, we hope, will not reserve any surprises – the standard will proceed on its way, for which it is expected to be published by September 2019.

prEN17092 continues to be the most advanced technical document of reference for motorcycle clothing, recognized by most Notified Bodies as a basis for certifications.

Ricotest Certification Dept.

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