Brexit and UKCA mark

Premise GB = Great Britain = England + Wales + Scotland UK = United Kingdom = GB + Northern Ireland (NI) On 1st January 2021, the UK will officially exit the EU What does it mean? The Notified Bodies (NB) headquartered in the UK will lose their status of Notified...

EN ISO 22568-4: standard finalization

The virtual meeting of the CEN TC161 technical commission on 19/10/2020 led to the finalization of EN ISO 22568-4 (non-metallic perforation resistant inserts). Although during the next step of the "public inquiry" the draft may still undergo some retouching, it is...

EN 17092: standard passed the formal vote

A few days ago, the new series of standards for protective clothing for motorcyclists EN 17092 (parts 1 to 6) fully passed the last institutional obstacle, that is the “Formal Vote" of member states and others states that join the European system of "CE" Certification...

EN 17092: latest news

Last November, the harmonization procedure of prEN17092 suffered a slowdown: parts 2 to 6 of the standard surprisingly received a negative assessment from the new “HAS consultant” (HAS= HArmonized Standard). The news has destabilized in some cases the market, mostly...

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