RICOTEST certifies the quality of technical and professional clothing, testing the actual protection capacity. The purpose of the tests is to determine whether the clothing is capable of neutralising the action of cold, heat/flames or chemical agents. Our higly specialised labs and technological equipment allow us to conduct all assessment tests required by the standards for each type of clothing.

Standards required for the Certification of protective clothing
EN 13688 (ex EN 340) Protective clothing – general requirements
EN 11611 Protective clothing for welders
EN ISO 11612 Protection against heat and flame
EN ISO 14116 Protection against heat and flame – Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing
EN 469 Protective clothing for firefighters
EN 15614 Protective clothing for firefighters – wildland clothing
EN 16689 Protective clothing for firefighters – technical rescue
EN 13911 Fire hoods for firefighters
EN 1486 Protective clothing for fire-fighters – reflective clothing for specialized fire-fighting
EN 1149-5 Protective clothing. Electrostatic properties. Material performance and design requirements
EN 381-5 Protective clothing for users of hand-held chain saws
EN 381-9 Protective gaiters for users of hand-held chain saws
EN 381-11 Jackets/upper part of the body for users of hand-held chain saws
EN ISO 13998 Protective clothing – Aprons, trousers and vests protecting against cuts and stabs by hand knives
EN 13034 Clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals
EN 343 Protective clothing against rain
EN 342 Ensembles and garments for protection against cold
EN 20471 High-visibility warning clothing
EN 1150 Visibility clothing for non-professional use
EN 13356 Visibility accessories for non-professional use
EN 13595 Protective clothing for motorcycling riders – jackets, trousers and one piece or divided suits
EN 17092 Protective clothing for non professional motorcycling riders
EN 14058 Garments for protection against cool enviroment
EN 13567 Protective clothing – Hand, arm, chest, abdomen, leg, genital and face protectors for fencers

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