RICOTEST is qualified for testing and certifying protection gloves for professional and sporting use.

As PPE, gloves must be exposed to specific assessment tests before placing onto the market and used in the workplace. The reason for this is easily understood, as hands are the main tool in many professional fields. We can test the performance of any type of protection gloves: from gloves against thermal hazard to those against cutting, gloves for welders and firefighters.

Standards required for the Certification of protective gloves
EN 420 Protective gloves – general requirements
EN 388 Protective gloves against mechanical risks
EN 374-1 Protective gloves against chemicals and microorganism
EN 374-5 Protective gloves against viruses, bacteria and fungi
EN 511 Protective gloves against cold
EN 407 Protective gloves against thermal risks (heat and fire)
EN 12477 Protective gloves for welders
EN 381-7 Chain saw cut resistant gloves
EN ISO 10819 Anti-vibration gloves
ISO 13997 Resistance to cutting by sharp objects
EN 659 Protective gloves for firefighters
EN 421 Protective gloves against ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination

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